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Fun band needs fun people

Soda Jerk

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After selling all my gear to pay The Man, I have a guitar again and Im itching to jam. So lets jam!

Need bass and drums, and possibly another guitar. Being able to sing would be grand too, because I cant. I just like to think I can.

Open to suggestions on direction. Im quite keen on something poppy but also a bit messy and fun, like Japandroids, Presidents of the USA, The Special Goodness, Ozma, The Ergs, but thats not concrete, just as long as its FUN.

PM me.

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I might be up for a wee jam on the bass and doing some vox if you fancy it?

Already in a pub covers band and an originals band which I write for, so you would have to compete for my time, but I like fun.


You love playing in a band with me so much you want to be in 2 or what?

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