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Final Ever Valhella! Like Heavy Music Read This Pussys!


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right, as a result of a change in drakes license which means it changes from a club to a pub there will be no more valhella's after the 28th of august. as there is no valhella on the 14th due to me and rory both playing at gavfest that means there is only one more valhella ever. as the change in drakes license means that they save thousands upon thousands of pounds a year and ensures that they will be around for a long time to come we are happy to make this important sacrifice plus with some changes to our own personal circumstances we feel it's a good time to stop anyway. so we're gonna have one last fucking party. and it's gonna be the most amazing thing ever. oh yes.


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bump' date=' i think there may be special guests from norway too...[/quote']
the corner of elightentment shall most definetely be in attendance.

enlightened as ever.

Does this mean the mighty Vomitus will be flying in from Oslo, or have I misunderstood?

Knowing me, it will be the latter :rolleyes:

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right' date=' as a result of a change in drakes license [/quote']

*correction* we're actually just changing our OPENING HOURS, not changing or losing the license - or 'in the shit' - or shutting down - as rumour seems to have it!! we'll still have our entertainments license which means we can still actually sell alcohol up until 2am weekdays and 3am weekends...confused?!

we're just choosing to trade as a public house from now on as to avoid ridiculous 'nightclub' insurance policies....cause we're clearly not a nightclub with around 3000 people dancing on our dancefloor every night!! :rolleyes:

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