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FS: Marshall JCM200 DSL50 head

Soda Jerk

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Marshall JCM200 DSL50 (head only) for sale.

It's been modified a little, as the original cheapo PCB the newer Marshalls are fitted with melted. It's been replaced by P2P handwired circuitry, so not only is it now as safe as a house, but it sounds a shitheap better than it did as new. Much more clarity. Less fizz.

Aesthetically, it's a bit of a state. The tolex got some bad tears, so I eventually just ripped all the tolex off, sanded off the gum and now it's down to the bare wood. Personally I think it looks pretty smart that way. Kept meaning to woodstain it, but never got around to it.

It was rewired with the handwired circuitry, serviced, revalved and biased at the end of 2007, and since then it's not really had any heavy use. Before 2007 it has had alot of heavy use, so it definitely does look worn, but it's completely revamped since then and works perfectly!

Looking for 300. Cheap for quick sale. Won't go any lower. This does sound better than a standard DSL50 due to the rewiring mod. Bargain. It has a What Would Henry Rollins Do? sticker on the front. I'll throw that in for free. or I can clean it off.

I don't have a cab at my house, so tryouts would have to be arranged elsewhere. Either with your own cab, or Musical Vision perhaps?

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Downsizing. I'm after a combo, single channel preferably. Don't like mismatching it with all different kinds of cabs as I get arsey when it doesn't sound right, haha. Nor can I be arsed lugging a cab to a gig everytime.

Probably won't be gigging for a while anyway, so it'll give me plenty of time to save a bit up on top of what this amp will hopefully bring in.

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Pictures, innit. (Shite camera). Bare wood and that. I think it looks badass, but if you don't, then don't buy it. Who gives a hoot what an amp looks like anyway? It sounds banging. S'all that matters.




Cheap because I want rid quick, and also because its cosmetically haggard. I'll clean of the Rollins sticker too, if you so wish.

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Nothing really. Other commitments and whatnot, which is totally understandable. Certainly no bust ups or Spinal Tap gardening accidents.

It didn't necessarily spark the sale of this amp though. I've been wanting a combo for ages, as I'm way too fussy about cabs, but I don't have the transport to lug around my own cab. Paradox.

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I really don't want to let this go, but times are hard and rent ain't free. I hiked the price up to 350, but I'm willing to go as low as 300 again, to get rid of this, before I change my mind. They retail for over 500, and they sound pretty crud at factory settings. Has been fitted with some smart EHX pre amps and JJ power tubes, and the rewiring and mod cost around 150 alone. Much more resilient circuitry, and sounds much smoother than a standard DSL.

If you can get a better valve amp for 300, I'll eat several hats.

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