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Just bought my first slide. A nice Pyrex glass thick walled Jim Dunlop. I've managed to get the basics down within a couple of minutes but I was wondering if anyone has any slide playing tips for a complete beginner? Does anyone know of any good sites which have lessons for learning to use slides?

Last but not least who should I listen to hear good slide? I've alread heard a lot of Lynyrd Skynyed <it was the live slide intro to Freebird that got me wanting to try a slide...he had a distorted really raunchy thing going on with it> and The Allman Brothers.


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Last but not least who should I listen to hear good slide?

One of the best slide players in the world is Ry Cooder....he plays in so many different styles.

My two favorite slide players are Rory Gallagher and Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton is a very good slide player...he learned from Duane Allman...!!

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The best improvised slide i've seen was the bottle kneck from a stella bottle' date=' tactically smashed off of a wall and the sharp bits duck tapes over, sounded brilliant and looked 3,000 times cooler than a normal slide.

But play safe if you're re-creating this....[/quote']

A lot of the old blues guys would use the neck of a wine bottle broken off and ground down. (hence 'bottleneck' guitar). Best ones were 'Mateus' apparently, as they were straighter.

I used to have a live video of Ry Cooder playing with the band he used for the soundtrack of 'Crossroads', very cool indeed.

Ry Cooder once played a janitor in Sesame Street. FROSTYFACT.

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johnny winter is a great slide player.

i went along to a slide guitar class with my my guitar player friend for fun. It was quite interesting even though i play bass. The guy had a nice resonator guitar. I picked up a few things.

hmm, to do slide you really need to go into open tuning, i think it was open G they were using. low to high DGDGBD. I think jimmy page used that tuning quite alot. they also used open D tunning low to high DADF#AD. well thats all i know, heres a website that might help with tuning.http://www.strummeronline.com

hope that helps for now

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