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My name is Steve Cowan, and I run the LincolnBands Forum. We are looking at putting together a database on our forum for out-of-county artists, promoters, and venues for our local artists to get out and sample the music scenes around the country. We would, therefore, be very grateful if you could pay the forum a visit and list your details there. Hopefully, the end result will be some decent exposure for bands in Lincoln, and in your area, and for your local artists and businesses.

Many thanks for your time.


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I like the idea of networking with Lincoln (see...I avoided the obvious pun for once).

A 'best-of' Lincoln bands at Tunnels or Drummonds would be fun, so come on, promoters.....make it so..

Here is my essay/verse attempt...

If Lincoln bands can make the trip, we'd like to hear them play

(then maybe we'd reciprocate and head down Lincoln-way)

We'd feed them deep-fried mars-bars, and get them drunk on 'Bells'

and swap our typhoid stories and our strangely farty smells

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GFN? has had not just one but two Lincoln bands to Aberdeen this year thus far! :)

If any Aberdeen band gets the chance to play down there, it's a very nice town and good crowd.

If I remember correctly we included Lincoln in our tour of England around this time last year. Was it Lincoln? After so long on the road they all kind of blend into one!

(We actually planned a mini-tour of England, all but one fell through and we ended up doing Aberdeen to Lincoln for one gig in the corner of a pub. Good gig though!)

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