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Isa + the filthy tongues , two minuite noodles , min diesel @ tunnels

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wow, this is in like almost two weeks




Top band, here's what people have to say about them -

"Epic guitar of classic ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN tempered by scuzzy Scottish scrapiness and charged boy-girl vocals, its sure to fire you up." NME

"Fans of PJ HARVEY, THE KILLS, or THE BREEDERS will likely find a lot to enjoy here." allgigs.co.uk




One organist + one drummer = Two Minute Noodles, making music that's pretty hard to categorise. Imagine a cross between BATTLES's mathy, mechanical instrumentals and keyboardising of Ray Manzarek from THE DOORS and you're getting there, almost. A band you can dance AND stroke yr beard to at the same time.

Some of you may remember their absurdly talented drummist, Moz, from his other projects' previous visits to Aberdeen.



Min Diesel chronicle the ridic through the medium of min-die rock, taking cues from bands like SEBADOH, PAVEMENT and IDLEWILD


Here are some links to Facebook pages for the gig and Propaganda who are also hosting a "Redneck Rampage" clubnight after (free entry if you come to the gig). I think they'll work, you might need to log into FB though.



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Nicely pimped, cheers min! :D

Yeah, come see some ace bands and then stick around for Propaganda! A grab-bag of music for dancing too, bundled together with a theme'o'fun for the dressing up and looking dapper. It's quite fun, but don't take my word for it - Come along and let ears and feet decide! :D

Check us out on Facebook for previous playlists. Become our fan. We love our fans, they get to hear first what the next theme's going to be earning them precious minutes of extra design time.

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well, with the doors being at 7.30 and the clubnight starting at 11, i'd guess

8pm - min diesel

9pm - two minute noodles

10pm - isa & the filthy tongues

that's a total guess though, i don't know anything for sure

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