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Alt. Festive Party: Debutant, Min Diesel, Magna Anima & 5 more @ Tunnels, Mon 28/12

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An awesome festive event that is happening in less than a week, I didn't see a thread about it on here so I made one.


Tunnels 1's bill features -

The textured one-man dream-pop of Debutant

The enigmatic Safety Net

The gorgeous folky harmonies of Magna Anima

and "The greatest 3-piece act since Jim Morrison died in a bath": Min Diesel.

In Tunnel 2, you will find

Steve Winton (of Kashmir Red)

Andy Davidson

Kathy Shanks

and The Seasons.

Doors are 3. That's like 37p per band or something! "Ho ho ho!" and other such festive exclamations.

Here is a Facebook Event Thingy

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You could use the opportunity to introduce a segment where you abuse the audience.

But only the first time.

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