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Exposure Clubnights...

Guest Gladstone

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Guest Gladstone

Exposure Clubnights on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Exposure is coming back to Aberdeen...

Essentially - there will be a very exciting night every now and again in and around Aberdeen with a cracking guest DJ and some great live acts.

Post your thoughts in this thread as to any act in the world you'd love to see in Aberdeen (obviously I'm not going to book Biffy Clyro to play Cellar 35 but you get my drift...)

The return clubnight will see the man who discovered Oasis, Alan McGee DJing at Cafe Drummonds on Saturday 10th April 2009, with live performances from VierLeft, Kashmir Red and The Tijuana Sun. A very indie/rock night for those of you that way inclined - I personally can't wait!


Alan McGee will also be DJing on 9th April 2010 at Shmeet the Beat at Mambo's Nightclub, Peterhead, with live performances from Indian Red Lopez and The Underkills (details still to be confirmed!!)

Keep your eye out here for any updates, upcoming clubnights, etc.

And post your "wish list" in this thread...


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Guest Gladstone

Looking for a band...

to support:


MINNAARS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Friday 5th March @ Tunnels

So far Marionettes confirmed as local support, but need at least one more.

Have tried quite a few avenues, and I'm running out of "suitable" ideas (i.e. I could think of loads of good local bands, but looking for a band that will suit the line up)...

Free Korps were confirmed, but unfortunately they've had to pull out.

Any bands out there, or anyone with an amazing suggestion, please post it here or give me a shout!!

Cheers :up:

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