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'Ear Bud' headphones


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Seeing as they were the only type when I checked in by Asda the other week I thought I'd give them a go... within about 2 seconds it as obvious why they don't fly off the shelf.

  1. To get a sound superior to that of a '50s tranny (i.e. ANY bass) you have to literally wedge them deep inside your ears that it becomes unpleasant.
  2. Because they're so deep in your ears you can hear yourself chewing, walking, breathing and singing over the music... this isn't cool.
  3. The slightest pull of the cables on your clothes (or about 5 minutes of walking) can dislodge them, meaning you have to push them right back in.
  4. Even when all the conditions are perfect, the sound wasn't actually that good!

Maybe it's because I've got freakishly small ears, but I couldn't figure a single way that these could be seen as better than normal headphones? Could imagine them causing some serious ear damage if pushed in too hard.

I ended up going a couple of days without music because they were so rubbish.

Anyone had similar issues with them?

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PROTIP: While I do admit that you can hear yourself chewing etc. you can easily circumvent this by actually playing music through them!

I have a pair of Sennheiser CX500s and work very well for blocking out the sound of Google fanboys and people speaking about tennis in the office. Very good bass EQ for what I paid for them (15), and I prefer them over regulars, but not over muff-type headphones.

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I had a pair of Sony ones and thought they were ok, well once i figured out how to put them in right. I was trying to jam them straight in my lughole and got really pissed off cos they kept coming out and sounded shit. When i figured out that you have to place them down the lughole bit then twist them back so they sit on hard bit above your earlobe i thought they were ace. Sounded much better than the normal ipod earphones anyway.

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I always thought ear bud headphones were the shit things you got with your ipod. The inner ear ones (like the seinnheisers mentioned above) are much, much better than those. Comfy, don't fall out and they sound great.

I use my ipod phones with my laptop occasionally and they hurt my ears, fall out, sound terrible and are generally worthless.

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