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Edwyn Collins and Grace Maxwell

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Two strokes and a bout of MRSA, I believe. He hasn't made a total recovery, but he's well enough to record and perform, it seems.

Yeah, I wandered into the King Tut's tent to see him at TITP the other week - he sits down for the gig & has a walking stick. His voice isn't what it was & he can't play guitar.

Good on him though, it's a helluva achievement to get that far.

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Do Waterstones normally charge entry fees to see book signings and so on? Or is this a little bit of opportunism?

Yeah I was wondering about this too and had a dig around their site and it appears they do for readings from 'bigger' names...

You do get a 'complimentary refreshment' from Costa though which, going by their prices, means you'll probably end up technically making a profit :laughing:

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This was a really nice little event. Grace Maxwell was brilliant, very engaging and some of the passages she read from the book really brought a lump to the throat. They spent a long time talking to people and signing books afterwards, it was great to see Edwyn on such fine form. My only regret was getting a little bit starstruck and tonguetied when I met them, but what does a person such as myself say unto Edwyn Collins? Looking forward to the gig at the Lemon Tree on October 18th now...

Agreed, Grace was fantastic and the a cappella stuff from Edwyn was the icing on the cake, and really powerful to boot.

I gabbled some shite to them afterwards too (which will come as no surprise to anyone that's met me). The time they spent with people was unbelievable and they seemed genuinely interested in meeting folk...


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