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Kevin Joseph O'Hara


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I always find post like this suspicious, i get the feeling that you are in fact, Keven Joseph O'Hara.

Seeing as you just signed up on a website based on the music scene of Aberdeen to tell everyone, shit this guy must be good!

Given that the email address used to sign up contains both a "K" and an "O'Hara", I'd say you're probably right to be suspicious...

Poor show, Mr O'Hara.

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I'd say ease up on the strumming and let the songs breathe a little. When you play guitar in such a standard way there's no point in foregrounding it too much; the chords you play could in fact be pretty sparse yet communicate greater power and lend something a bit more endearing than strummy-strum-strum-strum, if held back a bit. In my opinion that's the difference between having something special and being a really good open-mic-ist :p

Enjoyed 'em.

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