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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Afro Droid

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I love the character Wolverine, I've spent countless hundreds of pounds on Wolvie stuff, comics, toys, original art - you name it. I think he's tha fuckin' bomb, so I was pretty excited about the movie. At best it would be as good as X-Men 2, at worst as good as X-Men 3.

I couldn't have been more disappointed if they'd put him in a fucking dress and called him Wolver-pussy, which they might as well have done.

My nerd-type gripes are numerous, and detailed in the spoilers below. Overall it's a very weak plot, too little action, too many characters pointlessly shoe-horned in, and Wolverie comes across like a little fanny. They harp on about him being "an animal", but there's little evidence of this at all. They've tried to squeeze in 4 different comic interpretations of the origin story and it's just a hotch-potch mess.


Since when have Wolvie and Sabretooth been brothers?! Never, that's when. There were rumours in the books that Sabretooth was his dad, but that was a memory implant. The film totally glazes over the fairly complex relationship between the two by just making them brothers and dismissing tonnes of really good back story.

Gambit - what accent was he meant to have exactly? Why is he in the film for all of two seconds? Why does he help a complete stranger? Since when was he ever anything to do with the Weapon X programme? Better to just keep him a master-theif like he's meant to be.

Agent Zero/Maverick - Why make him a non-descript henchman?

Emma Frost - why is she even in the film? Pointless, there for about 10 seconds, shows off her powers (the diamond skin powers anyway, no mention of her being one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet). What about the age discrepancy between her and Cyclops? Since when did she have a sister? When did she become a yank?

Cyclops - see Emma Frost

John Wraith - had my reservations about Will I AM, but he was actually alright, just really under-used. Why kill him off in such a shit way too. In the comic he dies riding the back of a cruise missile?!

Deadpool - the biggest travesty of the film. Ryan Renolds plays Wade Wilson (pre-Weapon X-skull-duggery) brilliantly, yet they turn him into some crappy multi-powered goon at the end, worst still - WITH HIS MOUTH SEWN SHUT!? Isn't Deadpool "The Merc with the Mouth?" Where's the multi-personalities? The amusing craziness? Everything that makes Deadpool one of Marvel's flagship characters? Weird that Marvel would allow the film version to be so different from the comic.

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I quite enjoyed the film, but nothing really tied in with the x-men series and it all seemed a bit thrown together as alreayd mentioned.

The whole brothers thing was a bit of a farce too.

And the fact that sabretooth looked COMPLEELY different to the first X-men film.

I liked the movie in terms of it being entertaining on a Sunday afternoon. Can't say I'm a comic book expert but even I noticed Sabretooth wasn't a 12 foot hairy dumb looking thing like in the first movies.

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The special effects were quite shite as well, e.g. when Hugh Jackman is looking at his new "claws" in the mirror, it just looks awful!

The bit when a nude Hugh Jackman went over the waterfall was pretty laughable too :D

Film was shite.

It comepletely ruined Gambit and Deadpool.

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Recommended reading for the *proper* Wolvie origin story,,,

Wolverine: Origin (Condensed into the the opening credits of the movie, disappointley)

(Andy Kubert & Joe Quesada)


"Marvel's best-kept mutant mystery revealed! Before the X-Men, before Weapon X, Wolverine's struggle with his subconscious savagery first flourished in family tragedy. Some of Marvel's most acclaimed creators unite to tell the tale that shaped mutantdom's mightiest misfit. Collecting ORIGIN #1-6."

(This is in the Aberdeen Library)

Wolverine: Origins

(Daniel Way & Various)


"Picking up where HOUSE OF M and WOLVERINE: ORIGINS & ENDINGS left off! Armed with the one thing that could kill him, as well as key clues to his very existence, Logan embarks on the first leg of a long and bloody quest for vengeance against those who once enslaved him. No longer feeling the need to play it quiet, Logan's first strike elicits a Condition Critical response from the U.S. government. With no other choice, they drop their bomb and you wont believe who it is! When Logan hits D.C., someones going to be waiting for him. Collecting WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #1-5."

I could list heaps more if anyone's interested? (HA!) Wolverine: Enemy of the State (Mark Millar - Wanted, Iron Man, Kick Ass) is awesome too, but not an origins story...

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I watched this on copy it was incomplete the special effects hadnt even had textures added and the cableson the actors were stillin the scenes was hilarious however a great movie for sure. IM a wee bit of a xmen afficanado and some stuff werent canon but generally it was true to the source material so woop great movie look forward to Juggernaut Origins........ Vinnie jones from beginning to end shouting IM THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH................ IT COULD HAPPEN!

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