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Has anyone got a Sky+ HD box and if so, how do you like it?

Also wondering what the basic channels are, the most comprehensive list I can find is this one and it only looks like you get about 18 (mostly gay) ones.

For an extra tenner a month I'd be expecting more than fashion TV, although the disc space is a lot bigger so you could record far more SD shows...

Just looking for general opinions more than anything.

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The sky HD package is alright, although I preferred it when the movie channels weren't synched up (comedy and comedy HD were showing different things at the same time). Also, after 2-3 months you'll have pretty much seen everything you want to. I also grudge having to pay extra for sport, and movies and even more to have those in HD. The novelty wears thin pretty fast though. I'm glad it supports 5.1 though.

Biggest surprise is some of the shows on the Sky Arts channels, they have amazing films & docs, short stories and some rare concert footage - a lot of it is still guff though. Some of the wildlife docs have been the best pictures I've seen.

Unless you were desperate I'd probably hold off 'til there's more channels available as there's only about 30 on Sky, some aren't worth watching and others don't broadcast all day (or all the programming isn't in HD). They also haven't added any new channels for about a year, and there's not many plans for more in the near future.

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