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Wrinkly Axe-Meister(s) Required


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When the weatherman informs you there will be 15 centimetres of snow, is that sufficient information for you to appreciate how much will fall, or do you have to make a hurried mental conversion to "6 inches" before you get an idea how rotten the weather is going to be?

If the latter, then you probably fall into 'that certain vintage' age group that remembers when the music of the day bore no resemblance to the music of thirty years previously (imagine Zeppelin doing Dazed And Confused in the style of Glenn Miller), in short, when we enjoyed a generation gap.

If you have a battered 70s/80s Strat in the loft and are too scared to dust it off in case the wife/kids laugh at you, then now is the time (before the arthritis sets in) to continue where you left off before real life got in the way.

If you think you can't do it anymore, then believe us, it's like riding a bike and we're having a ball cycling off the cobwebs. We are a drummist and a basser that can hammer out the likes of Wishing Well, Zeppelin's Ocean, with a touch of Bon Jovi thrown in (minus the Poodle Hair, in fact, minus pretty much ANY hair), hell's teeth we're even prone to the odd Audioslave attack.

No boundaries, no airs, no graces, no expectations, no plans to do Glastonbury just yet. We just want to hear from ex-Jimmy Page wannabes, who might like trying to wannabe him again. You've provided the home, been the bread-winner, dragged those kids up through thick and thin. Time to get up into that loft and pull that axe back into the land of the living.

And if there is anyone out there who can actually sing, that would also be very welcome.

PMs please - you know you want to.

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