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  1. c'mon.....a sensible offer would be smiled upon
  2. thanks for inserting the link and helping an old technophobe....
  3. Hi, this is a '97 model in excellent nick. Full description and photos on aberdeen gumtree in the stringed instrument section as I don't know how to post pics here...
  4. as potential buyers some more important details are necessary i.e. does it have the push/pull switching system ; is the body ash or alder ; is the neck profile V or C shaped ? Gracias
  5. a good point well made (cue sounds of piggy banks being rattled)....
  6. a starting price might be helpful...?
  7. This is a 1997 vinttage. Comes in beautiful figured sunburst, far superior in looks, sound and playability than the current model. Upgrades 2x replacement Bare Knuckle Mule pickups. Coil tapped to enable instant conversion to single coil sound on either or both pickups. Orange drop capacitors to prevent treble roll off on volume pots. c/w non epiphone hard shell lined case This is a beautiful playing guitar especiallly for blues, r&b and classic rock Given its age fret wear is reall light and there are no dings or cracks just some v light scratches on reverse and scratchplate. I very much regret this sale but needs must to finance another guitar. To a good home 380 o.n.o p.m. me if interested and i can email you some nice pics
  8. have just pm@d you with an offer...though I'm confused, as it looked like it'd sold on ebay earlier did buyer pull out ?
  9. this is the original desktop version, i.e. it doesn't have the built in expression pedal. Boxed c/w manual and power supply. 55
  10. Zendrive now sold. Other items waiting patiently.....
  11. Hermida Audio Zendrive 1 (boxed and unused) 110 Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive ( boxed, light useage) 55 Carl Martin Vintage Chorus/Tremolo ( boxed, light usage ) 50 thanks for looking...
  12. i have an unwanted ibanez bass...maybe we should send them out on a date together 8-) ?
  13. a ballpark price would be agood idea........?
  14. as well as shipping you'll need to factor in uk import duty to give you a final figure.
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