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  1. sold sir give me a shout Mob 07828 925508 Cheers G
  2. Hi Mate How much are y lookin for the SD JB
  3. Anybody got a whammy pedal for sale???
  4. 3 piece covers band lookin for singer Rock - punk current set Foo s , Nirvana , Bowie, Hole , Buzzcocks , Hives ,Velvet revolver to list a few. Commited band lookin for a singer that lookin to gig on a regular basis. contact gmleith@tiscali.co.uk Cheers G
  5. Hi Mate I would be interested in the micro amp if its still for sale mobile 07828 925508 text us or phone . Cheers Gordon
  6. Hi Mate give me a bell re Flanger if still for sale 07828 925508 Cheers Gordon
  7. Hi mate can we arrange to meet up give me a bell mob no 07828 925508 Cheers Gordon
  8. Hi mate is the flanger still for sale ?
  9. Hi mate is the mic still for sale ? If so i ll take it for 30
  10. Hi Mate I have an old squier strat 3 single coils but if you wanted to fit humbuckers it real easy to route out . Could do work on body if your intrested . Guitar is complete . Let me know if you interested . Cheers Gordon
  11. Hi Brian how much are you lookin for the 2 x 12 cab Cheers Gordon
  12. For Sale Hughes & kettner switchblade 2 X 12 100 watt combo As new 4 channel combo programable with digital effects ( delay,chours ,flanger vibrato,reverb). 128 different programable presets. Great metal/rock amp never gig must go . lookin for offers. Welcome to try if your interested.
  13. Hi Brian The 2 x12 cab what the ohms ratin . Cheers Gordon
  14. FOR SALE Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 watt 2 X 12 Combo . Never Gigged home use only 4 channel Valve combo with digital effects Full programable 128 patches delay, chours ,flanger,tremelo & reverb Great combo can do most styles of music mega loud 6 button footswitch included . Need to make space lookin for around 700 cost 1250 new . Make me a offer it need to go . Its in new condition had it for about a year. Welcome to try before you buy. Cheers G:up:
  15. Hi mike Would you sell the amp without cab . If so how much do you want . Cheers Gordon
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