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A nice message from the pope.....

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the pope is a fucking wanker and speaks a load of shite- what right does he have to go around telling folk they canna be poofs?,or even jist get their hole the normal way?.... the narrow minded bam should get a proper job and hang out in bars with sluts for a change. instead of wanking off over the thought of some quireboy or something .

I winna stop there - I dislike ony religious twats that force people to wear stupid attire or get bits of their body chopped aff -especially bits of their cocks -that jist isnae right a ta .

Och fuck it - I am gan to dress up as the Devil and prance aboot shouting abscenities, xmas sucks balls,thank fuck for light up Devil tails and Santy hats, oh and booze, cheers Biz .

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