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The Most Random thing Ever


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you sure it was really ice? might have been one of those chunks of blue ice that falls from the growler on an airplane. I've heard of them breaking windows. those guys must have had one hell of a case of frostbite, which I suppose they'll recognize when their ass turns black and falls off!

Ahhhh, another quiet night at the moorings.....

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Ok, I'll ask...what happened?

We found a cuboid of ice, 2ft x 1ft x 1ft lying in the road. We took it into the bar and had a contest to see who could sit on it the longest. It either fell off a plane or a fish lorry. The water smelled of fish when it melted so that's my guess. The people sitting on it were bare assed.

You'd think that this would be enough excitement for most people, but no, certain factions of the crowd were calling for them to be fed chili sauce at the same time. We decided that would be a step too far... well truthfully we were all out of chili sauce.

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