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recommend me some zappa please


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Guest neil ex

hot rats is a pretty critically acclaimed album. its mostly instrumental and it's fantastic.

some shortish frank zappa songs to download:

catholic girls

the muffin man

don't eat the yellow snow

my guitar wants to kill your mama

peaches en regalia (hot rats)

and if you're feeling adventurous, big swifty.

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yep cheap thrills and son of cheap thrills are both low priced compilations covering loads of different albums by him, cheap thrills has loads of great songs too..."the torture never stops" featuring captain beefheart, my guitar wants to kill your mama, joe's garage, zomby woof, catholic girls etc

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Guest Neubeatz

Here is a list of links to a set of bootleg tracks, The quality's a bit coarse, but the band stll give the licks.

Chenge** to tt and use "get right" or something like that,...:)














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Really depends where your particular tastes lie. For example, I love all the instrumental craziness but I don't really dig the earlier mothers albums where he did a lot of experimentation with strange voice treatments and things of that ilk.

My recommendation would be either: "Joe's Garage" for a huge range of brilliance with arguably Zappa's most solid line-up.

"Sheik Yerbouti" is pretty easy to listen to and its got some very funny moments (ram it, ram it, ram it, ram it up your poopshoot... wristwatch :laughing: )

"Does Humour Belong in Music" (the album, not the inferior DVD performance). This is an incredible live album showcasing everything that was great about the band: humour, virtuosic playing and brilliant songs. The only problem with this album is Chad Wackerman's bollocks V-Drum kit which sounds like absolute shite, he plays it well though. Everyone should be made to listen to the version of Whippin' Post from this album, its an Allman Brothers song but when you hear Zappa doing it you'll be blown away. Bobby Martin sings and he has the most incredible range, not bad for a camp, honkey sax player wearing a dodgy leotard ;)

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Guest *melody*

Stick it out is just aceness in all sorts of ways, he sings in german man, ssadly i know all the words haha

You are what you is is great to harder than your husband good song.

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