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Wanted: 1TB External Hard Drive

Guest treader.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Still ALOT of space, the dark night only took up 1GB of my hard drive, and that was a LONG film, and the quality i got was fantastic too.

Ive got a 750GB in my media centre.

Which has got all my dvd's Ripped to it.

Films - 224 = around 200GB

TV Shows (The Space Killer) - depending on the program but like Scrubs for instance takes up like 60GB Alone (So Far)

Ive got 130GB Left :O


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why would one need so much space?

and i think it would be 1024GB, they all seems to move up in that kind of fashion

I need to get something of this size soon, I want to rip all my home DVDs as its fairly well known that recordable DVDs aren't very reliable. Also plan to convert old home videos to DVD, then back them up on a hard drive too. :up:

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