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Electric Organ anyone?


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I've got an electric organ made by Organum (couldn't find anything about it on Google or Wikipedia...) that my ex bought and left behind in my spare room.

I don't know enough about it to explain it very well... It looks like it was made in the 60s or 70s and it makes some cool noises. It's in good nick and works and everything.

It was bought last December from British Heart Foundation for 60, but if you're able to pick it up you can just have it (or you can give me a kind donation if you like ;))



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My computer at home's minced so I have to use a lab at uni. I took pictures on my phone, but I didn't take the data cable with me. I could've bluetoothed the pics to a Mac here at uni, only some dickheid lecturer demanded I leave his domain. So no pictures today unfortunately. Sorry sir.

Oh, but I found this... it's not great but it'll give you an idea of what it looks like...

MySpace.com - Ewan Newish Photos - Photo 1 of 4

Hope that works okay.

Pictures tomorrow, promise!

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I can see you plinking away furiously, Jerry Lee Lewis stylee, feet on stool, erse in the air :up:
Actually, a friend of mine has an old organ, so we're going to get 2, soem contact mics and some pedals and start a weird noise project. Working title "Johnny Gash vs Fannie Lennox".
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