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Snafu - unsung heroes?


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Visited Snafu a couple of time recently (I'm old and don't get out much), popped in on a Friday night and Saturday night after work, and also caught the Black Tooth Rock Lounge on a Monday.

The refurb is awesome. The drink selection is good. The sound was good, both for the DJs and the live music. The toilets were spotless. And everyone was clearly having a good time. I love the look of the place, it looks like a proper archetypal nightclub. The laser with the smoke was particularly impressive. The music at the weekends isn't what I'd normally choose to listen to but I was able to dig the vibe.

Keep spreading the love guys :) You're doing a great job!

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Everyone should come down on Wednesday night for the first ever IMP event at Snafu and check out the refurb.


no that im nah copycat or nothing.... :up:

but Vocoustics have our first ever Snafu outing with Christopher Thorpe-Tracey on Sun 19th Oct :popcorn:

I should be down on Wednesday night, Ive seen the new snafu and its good, not been in when its open for a drink yet.

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Man, I'm feeling heavy love in the room right now! Thanks for the kind words and support guys. It's only through working with like-minded individuals like the Moorings, IMP and Vocoustics (as well as many others) that we have managed to achieve what we have so far!

Let's rename this thread "The Ab-Music Mutual Appreciation Thread".

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the stage is amazing especially combined with the lights too.

plus, the refurb means people are more inclined to wander round to the dance floor and watch the bands rather than before when the shelf / wall on the dancefloor made a kind of seperation effect.

dont get me wrong, i loved the old snafu too but the new snafu is bitchin.

and if everyone else is going to plug their stuff then i too will have no shame...

dirty hearts club - live bands every thursday



16th - endor / static in the city

23rd - the scottish enlightenment / dumb instrument / debutant / the kitchen cynics

30th - edgar prais / cast of the capitol / nothing rhymes with orange


6th - be a familiar / jesus h foxx / copy ha ho

13th - (exciting headliner which we cant announce yet)/ lyons + 1 local

20th - screaming lights plus support

27th - the steeples / ray summers


4th - xxxchange (spankrock)

11th - DHC DJS

18th - DHC DJS

see you guys at your respective gigs also.

ive been laying low from going out coz my wisdom teeth are making me constantly in pain and a bad mood.

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