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SUPATONES - female fronted ska!! wed june 23rd

Dizzy Storm

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Just as you thought British Ska was dead and forgotten, the SupaTones bring it back with astounding force!!

Adding the new Modern interpretations of classic Ska/Soul/Reggae and Rock along with some of the latest releases of some brand new tracks by The Supatones the band is looking to be the next big thing in the UK market.

The band have been attracting the attentions of a number of top names within the Ska circuit, most recently with 80's skankers The Beat and the little-forgotten Bad Manners.

The audience reactions to such an on-stage energy, and entertaining crowd interactions from lead singer Nicky, have brought comparisons of the band to both No Doubt and The Selector because of the rare occurrence of a female lead-singer

Because of the bands exciting mix of experience and youth, the SupaTones have a vibrancy and energy that has not been around since The Specials and Madness were popular, the aim being to bring together the die-hard fans of the era and a fresh, younger audience, combining unique versions of well known Ska classics "My Boy Lollipop" and "One Step Beyond", to upbeat party atmospheric singles Come On Eileen and Lulus Shout, blended in with tracks from their upcoming debut album, featuring the fanzine friendly hit Mice In the Cellar.

The band consist of lead singer and sax player, Nicky Garton; Pat Pretorius on bass; drummer, Alan Beatthief Smith, keyboardist and trumpet, Wayne Wilis; Adam Skank Thompson on trombone; and Jo Moore on Guitar

check out www.supatones.tk for more info & downloads


DOORS 7.30


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Misled Youth were ace! A lot more hardcore than I remember...I missed Normans Fetish cos I didnt think they'd be on till 9. Supatones put on a good show but seemed too much like a cabaret, Butlins type band and the singer was annoyin as fuck...still got me dancin tho

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what an excellent gig! Norman's Fetish started off very icely even though it wasnt as good as their kef show. Miseld Youth came on and compeltely rocked out the building with their energetic outburst of ska/reggae/punk/metal stylings even when the bassist had to get his other bass they still entertained!

Supatones were band of the night. Started off with a cover of the bond theme tune. Every song put a smile on my face and even got people dancing in drakes which was nice.

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Cheeriest gig in a long long time!

Norman's Fetish sounded so much better than they do at Kef, so that was a big plus. They put on a fine show once again.

Misled Youth... you've gotta love them. I'm sure they're sick of seeing my face now but every show seems to get better and better. And I was so chuffed that there were a lot more people there than usual when they play. Van Halen... :up: Smashing baby!

As for the SupaTones - I know some songs that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves. I know some songs that'll get on your nerves, get, get, get on your nerves. Party ska overload. But yeah, they put a smile on everyone's face. Well, except from Nick from the Hex Pens... he really was not impressed!

Overall, a lovely evening. :)

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I really enjoyed Normans Fetish...I think they're really inspiring and could even get me motivated into learning to play an instrument. It's cool the way they present themselves and you can tell that they're all enjoying themselves on stage. Catchy songs too-woo!

Misled Youth were awesome! bought there cd which i can't believe they were selling for only a quid! It rocks

And then theres the Supatones- hmm trying too much to be no doubt! Cheery tho and i'm sure they put a smile on everyones face! MON THE CAN CAN! :partyboy:

Suzy xx

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. Supatones put on a good show but seemed too much like a cabaret' date=' Butlins type band [/quote']

Hahaha, I was thinking the exact same thing......it really was very cabaret, they were just missing the red coats!!

Thanks for the kind words people, and as far as I know we're back in Aberdeen on the 15th of July with No Escape at Drummonds, so PLEASE come along!!

Oh........and I'm never trying a split jump again :laughing:

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well talking of Butlins...apparantly The Supatones, in the times they're not gigging as The Supatones, they DO play places like Butlins and do ska versions of popular songs....like Shout by Lulu and suchlike! hmmm...

i personally wasnt into them, just not my thing...Misled Youth were the band of the night...really really good! i love the sorta reggae tune you played first (which i always forget the name of!)

Normans Fetish were ace too....brass section could be a bit tighter but that'll come i think...


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