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Dr. Flaw

chris leslie

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I haven't heard any of their recorded stuff. I'd really like to hear it, musically i think they're really big and bold and with the right producer I imagine they would sound ace. They seem really into Idlewild, Feeder etc.

It's always good to know there's good rock/indie bands in Aberdeen besides Driveblind and Lift etc. These bands are of course top notch but their names trip off the tongue a bit when you think of good Aberdeen bands in their field...I like the fact there are other bands out there waiting to be discovered kinda thing

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hmm' date=' well it looks like the guitarist is plannin on leavin cause he replied to the lady mercedes thread. interesting.[/quote']

yeah thats i guy i know called arun

i heard that he wasnt necessarily leavin dr flaw, he was just looking for another band to play with too

just what i heard on the grapevine anyway

does anyone know what his name is so i can pm him?


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