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5 Years of GFN!: Punk/HC All dayer at Cafe Drummonds

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It's actually been more than 5 years since the first GFN gig in Aberdeen at Dr Drakes with Pen15, Tearjerk and The Upstarts amongst others. We've had some brilliant bands over the years including the likes of Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Great Deceiver, Red Lights Flash, Mike Park, Howards Alias, Beecher, Sonic Boom Six, Freaks Union, Captain Everything, Adequate 7 and loads more! And here is another amazing line-up we've put together with...

Rentokill (Rise or Rust Records) Rentokill came to Aberdeen back in March 2005 at the Moorings and people loved them. They sound like a cross between Bad Religion, NOFX and Good Riddance. Fast, melodic hardcore from Austria. www.myspace.com/rentokill

Chief (Household Name Records) These Scousers have just signed to Household Name, and quite rightly so because they are without a doubt the best hardcore band in the UK today. In yer face, fist in the air anthems www.myspace.com/chiefuk

The Hijacks Local ska-core kings that need no introduction www.myspace.com/hijackska

The Living Daylights Melodic street punk meets hardcore from Lincoln featuring members of MCD. For fans of Anti-Flag and The Unseen. www.myspace.com/thelivingdaylights

Dirtbox These Perth punks have gone from super poppy Blink 182 style to a more technical and harder band. Think Strung Out, Rise Against. www.myspace.com/dirtboxonline

Escape To Victory Local hardcore punk fusion. Steve's last gig for us so he can concentrate on the Hijacks so come and make it a good one for him! www.myspace.com/escapetovictoryuk

Crashdown 100mph pop punk www.myspace.com/crashdown

Stratopsy Maiden style riffs meets crushing hardcore www.myspace.com/stratopsy

Tragical History Tour One man acoustic cowpunk extravangza www.myspace.com/tragicalhistorytourmusic

@ Cafe Drummonds

Sunday July 27th 2008

5pm - late

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Ah yes, evidence of our lying that this is five years when it is in fact five years and three months...

How strange that Dirtbox and The Hijacks are playing this when their former bands Pen15 and The Upstarts played that first ever gig too

Rentokill and Chief were both absolutely brilliant tonight in Perth so can't wait for Sunday

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