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Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy, apparently...


You know say daddy me snow me-a (gonna) blame

A licky boom-boom down

'Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me stab someone down the lane

A licky boom-boom down

Police-a them-a they come and-a they blow down me door

One him come crawl through through my window

So they put me in the back the car at the station

From that point on I reach my destination

Well the destination reached in down-a East detention

Where they whip down me pants look up me bottom


Bigger they are they think they have more power

There on the phone me say that on hour

Me for want to use it once and-a me call me lover

Lover who me callin'-a the one Tammy

And me love her in my heart down to my belly-a

Yes say Daddy Me Snow me I feel cool and deadly

Yes the one MC Shan and the one Daddy Snow

Together we-a love 'em(?) as a tornado


Listen to me ya better listen for me now

Listen to me ya better listen for me now

When-a me rock-a the microphone, me rock on steady-a

Yes-a Daddy Me Snow me are the article don

But the in an a-out (?) a dance an they say, "Where ya come from?"

People them say I come from Jamaica

But me born and raised (in the ghetto) I want ya to know-a

Pure black people man thats all I man know

Yeah me shoes are-a tear up an-a my toes used to show-a

Where me-a born in-a the one Toronto


Come with a nice young lady

Intelligent, yes she gentle and irie

Everywhere me go me never lef' her at all-ie

Yes-a Daddy Snow me are the roam dance man-a

Roam between-a dancin' in-a in-a nation-a

You never know say Daddy Me Snow me are the boom shakata

Me never lay-a down flat in-a one cardboard box-a

Yes-a Daddy Me Snow me-a go reachin' out da top


Why would he? [repeat]

[MC Shan:]

Me sittin round cool with my jiggy jiggy girl

Police knock my door, lick up my pal

Rough me up and I cant do a thing

Pick up my line when my telephone ring

Take me to the station, black up my hands

Trail me down 'cause I'm hangin with the Snowman

What an I gonna do, I'm backed and I'm trapped

Smack me in my face, took all of my gap

They have no clues and they wanna get warmer

But Shan won't turn informer


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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Here's some exotic poetry:

"Drag him out of his office

Throw paint all over his suit

Take him outside to the car park

And fill his face full of fucking boot".

Spike Pile Driver - "Capitalist punishment".

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