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Mac mini


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I've got one; use it for everything from photo editing in Adobe Lightroom, to light gaming in World of Warcraft, with a large chunk of cross-platform + web development thrown in. For the price they're good little (tiny!) machines.

That said, mine's reaching the end of it's useful life for me - Warhammer Online is out in September, and it needs a heftier graphics card than what's in the Mini ;)

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Probably. Worst case scenario you take it back...better than shelling out whatever bullshit price Apple are selling theirs for...

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Guest Gladstone

Cool - got the mac mini up and running with that mouse and keyboard. No problems there.

I have another problem though. I've hooked up my external hard drive which has all my music on it. It essentially has two folders - one with my itunes music in it, and one with my wife's. Through the mac I can see both folders, but when I click on the folder with my music, it appears empty. The folder with my wife's music works fine and shows up everything within it. My folder is definitely not empty because when I plug the external hard drive back into my laptop, all the music is there in that folder.

I created a new folder and copied everything from my folder into it and tried that but that folder shows up empty too. I then moved that copy folder into my wife's folder and tried opening it from there and that didn't work either.

I've looked at the permissions etc. on my folder versus my wife's folder and everything looks identical.

Any ideas??

Also - how the fuck do I install flash player onto the mac? I've gone through the adobe website and picked the OS, and asked for the newest available version etc. but it just doesn't work. I bought this fucking thing for one main purpose - to play all of my music in my living room through a decent set of speakers, and for one other secondary reason - to watch iplayer/4od/etc through an actual TV screen rather than on my laptop, but without flash player that won't work either.

I've spent the last fucking 4 hours or so trying to get this fucking thing to work but I'm really unfamiliar with macs and where to find everything etc. It took me about an hour to get the screen aligned with the size of the TV!!

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I have had problems moving files between windows and Mac OSX with my external hardrive. Strangely, flash drives and data cards have never been a problem.

I think that some drives (such as my LaCie) format themselves to a particular OS and don't play nice when it comes to moving between the two. You might need to shell out for a hard drive that is able to do it, or there might be some trick somewhere.

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