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i just listened to..


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If you like the haunting acoustic-ness then you'll love damnation.

If you like the acoustic bits but also want to be battered about with some awesome technical extreme progressive rock then check out deliverance.

P.S. there is death metal singing on deliverance...


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I have some Opeth downloaded and on my winamp playlist. Normally I skip it cos I don't like it, but the othe rnight I was so pissed I couldn't be arsed getting off the couch so I listend to it and liked it. Although it may have been In Flames, Dillenger Escape Plan or some of the other metal I downloaded. Off to find some metal in my playlist i like now.


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Good call on both albums - I'd be surprised if people hadn't checked out Opeth by now as there's so many fans on this board of them. Hell there was even a thread dedicated to them!

Have to check out all my finances and see if I can go to Download or whether I'm just gonna have to wait for Leeds...

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Leslie you are doing well!

Soilwork - "Natural Born Chaos"

Soilwork - "Figure Number Five"

Two of my favourite albums of all time... I'm guessing you've heard something from "Figure Number 5"?

In Flames - "Clayman" (this album is a million times better than "reroute", however I'm not sure what aspect of In Flames you like, so therefore I'd advise downloading the songs "Bullet Ride" and "Only For The Weak" to see if you think they are better than the stuff you've heard from "Reroute to remain"

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no it was 'natural born chaos' i was listening to tracks from..and i'll definitely check out those in flames songs..once i find the means...see i'm listening to stuff via an internet radio site where you can requeast tracks, it's sweet as fuck but you can only listen to two songs an album and then it blocks you until a couple of days later....i don't think there's a download program i can put on this pc becuase it's a uni computer....but oh once i have the means!!

but they have 'clayman'...so said songs have been requested.

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