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ZEBRAHEAD at Moshulu!

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After 12 years together and 6 awesome albums, California's finest punk-rock-rap (call it what you like) band are heading up to Aberdeen next Thursday, May 29th. They're insanely good live and are super smashing great guys.

Tickets are available from One-Up for 8.50.

Not sure who support is yet. They have Sherwood for the 2nd half of the tour, but not this. Hopefully get an announcement soon!



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These guys are such fucking twats.

I mean I try not to ever discriminate amongst different musical tastes etc, thats their perogative, but their songs are so shite. They're clearly up for PARTAYING, YEAAH, WOO.

Unfortunately I have to take my sister so I shall be there. Or at least in the area.

Much to my dismay.

"Get up get up let the good times roll

get up get up, take up my heart and my soul"

God. Godd. And nice, following the prerequisite for most pop-punk bands by having a song called anthem.

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hey. does anyone know if they have a tour support for the 1st half? quite gutted sherwood aren't playing :(

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