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METAL \m/ @ MOORINGS, 19/6: Vomitus, Planet 10, Open Air, The Band from U.N.C.L.E


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yep its gonna be good!

the unholy satanic metal of Aberdeen's own Norweigan dark lords...VOMITUS www.vomitus.tk

Coming up from England is the atmospheric Cradle of Filth meets Iron Maiden stylings of PLANET 10 www.planetten.co.uk

OPEN AIR bring you more riffs a-plenty and top solos with their more melodic kind of metal www.openair.cjb.net

and if you want something a little different then check the grungy punk of THE BAND FROM U.N.C.L.E





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Originally posted by psydoll:

I don't think that the DARK LORDS OF VOMITUS will like that at all - haven't you all read about how unholy and terrifying they are?

I heard that Venom had them booked on a support slot but bottled it because Vomitus took the whole satanic thing too seriously and wanted to offer Kronos up in a ritual slaughter.

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das skaldet even slutter, laseen belter, sock mine coken!!!!

the unholiest of all that is unholy, we shall burn down your places or worship and wake the dead by shoving hot iron up their arse!

beware, this is the unholy trinity. scream for your children, or they will burn in our fires.

as for corpse paint, here are some sutibale examples, and I should expect nothing less.





extra points if you turn up like this


Bullet belts, grenade belts, studded arm bands, bondage trousers, swords, suits or armour all optional.

Cradle of Filth shirts or merchandise shall not be taken lightly by the unholy warriors.

If you feel the need to bring your own minitaure chruch to burn or severed mammal head, please talk to the management of The Moorings beforehand.

Virgin sacrifices will get you a "well done" sticker (don't worry, it'll have an inverted cross on it)

EK SKALDET RELIGIUON, BLACK METAL IST KRIEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Thoth:

a new verse was writtten and performed yesterday evening at midnight.... a truly unholy number. Thurisaz you must do the chants for it once you return to these shores.

chants and satanic poetry have been drawn, like my blade. the unholy construction of a new testament shall be completed when I doth return to das motherland.

and Kirk, the line-up sounds good.

shall it be requirted to bring along some tr00 and kvlt unholy tunes, such as some Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Sarcofago, Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Nargaroth, Destroyer 666, Burzum etc????

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