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We need a guitarist


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We (Fault & Fracture) are looking for a new guitarist to replace one who just left.

Our most direct and/or most noticeable influences include:


Funeral Diner

Explosions In The Sky


Cult of Luna

But that's mostly just to give a rough idea - I don't think we sound overly similar to any one of those bands in particular, and we're really keen to see what any new member could bring to our sound.

Also, we're fairly obsessive about guitar tone, so you'd have to be willing to put up with that or, ideally, be part of it.

We do have a myspace page here: MySpace.com - Fault & Fracture - Aberdeen, UK - Ambient / Screamo / Shoegaze - www.myspace.com/faultandfractureuk but the song on there's pretty old and doesn't reflect the way our newer stuff's turning out.

Give us a shout on here or on that myspace address if you want to know more.



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Very sorry to be pricks about it, but we've decided we quite like how we sound as a 4-piece. This way we also get to play and record sooner, assuming I eventually learn how to play and sing at the same time...

Thanks again to all who showed interest, sorry for fucking you about.

Also, Lateralus, sorry for nae replying sooner, haven't had time to do it in the last 24 hours.

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not as excited as we are!!! 'mon.

once again sorry for putting this up and not going through with it. the four of us are pretty good friends and know exactly what we want musically and otherwise... and we're, as stated above, very (very, very) excited.

thanks very much to the 3 or 4 people that took interest, it's much appreciated and sorry for "being pricks" about it.


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