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  1. Hey, Im looking to maybe buy a clarinet. is it still for sale?? How much you looking for, for it?? Can youalso tell me a few things about it - Is it in fully working order? (Playable and if there is damage what sort and to what degree? Look forward to hearinf from you
  2. Hey thaks for that - can you tell me where the best place to get one in aberdeen is??? also can you maybe recommend some good beginers clarinets(Im assuming you know a little bit - seen as you play one). Cheers - Lateralus
  3. lateralus


    With a recent and somewhat bizarre fascination for the clarinet, Ive came to the conclusion that i seriously want to play this instrument. anyone out there selling one or know where i would be able to get hold of something relatively decent on the cheap - just so that i can make sure i really really want to get one. Is it quite easy/enjoyable to learn??. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Really interested in getting this....Massive tool fan and have been looking to get it for some time now. in all honesty how much are you looking for......a sensible idea mind. i might be willing to part with some hard earned cash for this piece of brilliance Lateralus
  5. Hey thanks for your reply. nah i havent got anything like that. the only things ive got are the ideas in my head - just need the people to help turn them into reality... Hopefully people get get back to me soon - i have high hopes for this ideas. you dont know of any people that may be interested at all do you?
  6. ? Come on there must be someone out there
  7. Hey - looking to put together an ambient style band with (Possibly) shoegaze approach. In Vein of the likes of red sparrowes, russian circles, sigur ros, etc Nothing serious at the minute, just treading the boards to see if theres anyone out there to maybe put some stuff together and start gigging. I Play guitar myself and would like to hear from other likeminded musicians. Cheers
  8. hey i play guitar but ive pmed you. please get back to me asap
  9. hey im into some prog suff......especially tool. Play guitar. also 19 and at aberdeen university- doing music. Pm me if ur interesed
  10. Im A guitarist, Could be interested in your cause. pm me if your interested
  11. Hey Man. Im A Guitarist Aswell. I Could Be Up For Getting Somethiing Together With You. Pm Me If ur Interested.
  12. If You Pm Me With What You Consider A Resonable price then i may consider - taking into account that youve said 250 for the whole lot (And heads are usually alot more expensive than cabs)
  13. Hey Would You Consider Selling The Cab And Head Seperately??? Im Quite Interested In The Cab
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