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Aberdeen Student Radio - Death from Exposure


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Aberdeen University launched an internet radio station last week and has been getting a few good shows going. One of them is called Death from Exposure. We're a few people really interested in eclectic independent music from the northern countries of Scotland and Canada. Tune in and hopefully you'll find some new and exciting things, some gems, and maybe some things that will scare you. You can listen at Aberdeen Student Radio between 5 and 7 on Wednesday afternoons. Last week we played an introductory selection of stuff from the general music scene including: Wolf Parade, King Creosote, Julie Dorion and the Wooden Stars, The Delgados, Destroyer, My Latest Novel, The Hidden Cameras, and many more. And if anyone out there from the uni wants to get involved it is really easy, just go to the website and drop ASR an email - they will get you set up.

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There are quite a few shows that have been quite interesting. It's certainly going to be eclectic. I have a 1pm- 3pm slot on Thursday and it's quite eclectic. I can't say I play anything in particular, mostly Frank Sinatra and some string-related pop bands. But if you are interested me and my friend have a lot of fun doing it even if we do ramble a little. We also do (reasonable) requests.

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