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  1. If you like Tame Impala you might like, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, The Wooden Shjips, Clinic, DJANGO DJANGO, The Beta Band, The Aliens, Alt-J....
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P86fPsC_cCQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yY4PiQ22AA I defy anyone who grew who grew up in the 90's not to dance to these after a couple drinks, as awful as they are. It's like being 10 and being at Codonas. EURO-TRANCE!
  3. AIDAN MOFFAT & BILL WELLS plus RM HUBBERT @ The Lemon Tree, 15 Oct.
  4. Death from exposure has a new time slot. Fridays 4-5pm. listen in today at Aberdeen Student Radio | Home. Modern Scottish music. folk, indie, rock etc. yes I will promote your clubnight indie-cent exposure tonight on the show. hope it goes well for you.
  5. When was this? I didn't even relise it was on, didn't see posters or mention of it anywhere and I don't get sent the cataloge anymore since they closed and reopened. probably a good thing I missed it, in the end.They where great two years in the tunnels though.
  6. The Accidental - There Were Wolves James Yorkston - The Year of the Leopard both not very new but also both brillent albums.
  7. hey Panda strong I'm sorry no one got back to your e-mails, I can only suggest you try again at headdj@aberdeenstudentradio.org, or call the station at 01224 274343. over the summer holidays the managment changed around abit as some people graduated and others left, and also I think the e-mail address has been changed as have all the student e-mail address at aberdeen uni. sorry again.
  8. yeah that would be cool if you could send your album/demo to Death From Exposure. Aberdeen Student Radio, The Hub, Elphinstone Road, Aberdeen. AB24 3TU Thats goes to everyone, got any demos or albums, and fancy some airplay just send them to that address.
  9. its out today, have many folk bought it or downloaded it afew weeks ago? and what does everyone think?
  10. ABERDEEN STUDENT RADIO IS BACK ON AIR. listen at ASR | Home the kitchen sink is on from 2-4pm followed by patchwork radio from 4-5pm and tonight my show Death From Exposure will be on from 5-7pm and I will be playing a mixture of scottish indie and folk and bands that have to played aberdeen recently or will be playing in aberdeen soon including local some local bands. all comments, suggestions and requests are welcome.
  11. really really good gig, best thing I've been to since akron/family. personally i didn't find the chating (noise levels) that bad at all, and I don't think the band would of even noticed or cared. people seem to have developed abit of a complex about this, ofcouse people are going to talk at gigs, they are drunk with thier friends and having a good time. maybe this was all brought on by the mogwia incident? and people are afaird other bands wont return to aberdeen, but gigs are the same everywhere.
  12. this week's show, today at 5 will be 1 hour of scottish music eg mogwai, malcolm middleton, lone pigion, down the tiny steps, frightened rabbit, and some local bands like the little kicks, the pheonix band etc as well as 1 hour of Psych folk and mixutre of my favourite new songs so artiest will include espers, vetiver, caribou, akron family, devendra banhart and clinic, adam green, vampire weekend, the breeders, I AM KLOOT. and ofcouse if want to request anything...............
  13. it's a really good cd, I'll be playing some of my favourite tracks of it on my show today 5-7pm aberdeenstudentradio.com if you haven't managed to get a copy yet.
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