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Cataclysm Metal Clubnight!


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Second installment of Aberdeens newest metal night!

No bands this time, just pure straight up metal from 10.30 till 2am!

Drink Promos:

1.25 Jager

1.50 Selected spirits and mixer

1.50 Pints/bottles of Carling

2.00 Green Death

Selected Shots 1!

What more could you ask for!?

Come on, make it even better than the last one!


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My hangover is kicking my ass right now!

Im rather disapointed with the lack of folk there, I know there's a heap of people into metal and people moan about not having a night that plays decent music then they don't show up...what's that all about???

its a thursday night which rules me out. Unless i am lucky enough to get a friday off. I was thinking of going last night but i have been struck down by this god damn killer flu thing. B ut yeah why a fucking thursday??

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I will probably head along to this again.

Doors are at 9 tonight as there are bands playing.

Bands are every 2nd time (once a month) and as there were no bands a fortnight ago...


There were no bands. I think they might only have bands just as and when they feel like it.

On another note, you didn't show up, you're shit!

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