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Downloads n stuff - Help needed

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I downloaded a few movies last night (which I do often and offer no apology for), usually when I do this I get an .avi file with the whole movie in it. However one of the ones I downloaded last night has about 50 small files with the extensions given as .r01 .r02 .r03 .r04 etc. My computer, like me, doesn't know what to do with them. Also there is a .rar file and a .sfv file.

What do I do with these in order to watch the movie?

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download winrar. (see google)

create a folder eg, "pirates 3" and put all the small parts into it.

open the folder, right click any of the purple folders and select "extract here".

you should get one file between 600mb and anything up to 4.7gb

delete everything except the whole movie file.

done. :up:

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