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Bloodhound Gang - Tonight

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No idea, but they have been in Aberdeen for a few days practising.

Been out and about in the town lots.

Apparently the gig is sold out too?


Where have they been practicising.

Can't wait.

I heard it was sold out too.

Hopefully they will paly a lot from Hooray For Boobies.

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Even though there wasn't a smidging of promotion (I only knew 'cos my ticket was a birthday present) they managed to rim a good few hundred folk into Moshulu last night. Although it wasn't a sellout any more people would have made the place unbareable.

First two supports were gash, the pop-punk band were a bit too 1998, but not too bad. The Bloodhound Gang were feckin' ace. One of the few gigs I've been to when you leave covered in other peoples' sweat, beer and spit. Actually smelt like a toilet by the end. Brilliant show, shame they only played about ten songs though.

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Heh, yeah, they were 'practicing' in Moshulu for 2 days before the gig. They turned up on monday, i heard them make some noise at about 7pm tuesday for all of half an hour then they'd vanished by half 10. I took some small consolation that even big bands have practices as productive as the ones i go to ;)

From what i saw the show was really entertaining but quite quiet (in terms of volume). Shame they didn't use half the props they brought with them, i spent most the morning trying to get ahold of 100kg of CO2 for their t-shirt cannons, mind you, i guess given the size of moshulu compared to some of the venues they're used to playing, a shot from a t-shirt cannon at that range would of probably resulted in hospitalisation.

Oh, and JJ Sinatra (the first support) was freaking hilarious, he'd drunk about a bottle of Jagermeister by 4pm, i'm surprised he made it to stage. BHG's Guitarist was ripping seven shades of shit outta him in To-Go after the show, i'll be surprised if he lives to see the end of the tour.

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