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Pedal mods / Circuit Bending

Humey Whilem

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It might have already been discussed elswhere but are there any people out there who have done any pedal modifications themselves or any circuit bending?

I've done some circuitbending (I've got a brilliant circuit bent megaphone now, hope to use it live soon) and am gonna do some surgery on a furby soon too.

So now I've bought a reasonably cheap delay pedal, used. I am hoping to add some delay time to it.

Anyone else there fooling around with soldering irons, toys, pedals and who knows what else?

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What exactly do you mean by "circuit bending"?

PCBs are not generally that flexable. Surely the only outcome of such an exercise would be to potentially cause hairline cracks and bad connections?

Yep. It could all go horribly wrong. That's why you start out on cheap keyboards and musical toys from charity shops and e-bay.

Simply put you take a wire and connect it randomly in the circuit. If you get cool results you solder it there with maybe a switch or a pot in between so you can control the outcome.

Check the wiki above or just google & youtube 'circuit bend' or 'circuit bent' and you will get some great results. Also great tutorials!

I killed that furby by the way.... Hope its family doesn't find out...

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Although the history of electronic music is often associated with unconventional sonic results, such innovators as Robert Moog, Lev Sergeivitch Theremin, etc. were electrical engineers and concerned with the consistency and sound design of their instruments.


Might be a better idea to actually study the circuit diagram and figure where the best points would be to modify the circuit. Less blown components/exploding batteries/unpredictable results that way. You dont want 9V going into the input of your shiney new ENGL powerball or irriplacable original blues deluxe :D

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