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Vote Darth Elvis!

Darth Elvis

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Morning Folks,

Some of you may know Im a Star Wars nut and also an Elvis fan. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Star Wars and Elviss death, so Darth Elvis was born!

Darth Elvis and the Tattoine Trio are in the final ten bands to play at Celebration Europe (Official Star Wars Convention in London ). Please head to Celebration Europe Cantina Band Poll and vote for Darth Elvis the Dark King of the Sith so we can perform at Celebration Europe in London .

You can vote as much as you want.

Celebration Europe Cantina Band Poll

I love you all.

Hang Loose

Darth Elvis

The Dark King of the Sith


P.S. Also playing Elvisness in August!:up:

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Please revote due to problem with site.

Please can you visit Celebration Europe Cantina Band and vote for Darth Elvis to perform at Celebration Europe.

Voting has been reset to 0 following technical problems. Can you please vote again if you voted before.

Apologies Darth Elvis

Celebration Europe Cantina Band

Thank you

Darth Elvis

The Dark King of the Sith

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Guest Laura@TMB

Voted. Good luck, yoda-serve the break :up:

and you're in the Evening Express today - just watch the votes come a rollin' on in there boy.


current scores:- you with 605 to jazz flute's 598

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We won!!!!

Darth Elvis came in 1st place in the public vote and will be competing on Saturday. Thanks again for your help!

The votes are in and we have two finalists!

We have been made aware of various issues with the voting. There appears to have been a number of votes that were generated by automated or spam entries. These votes have been discounted from any totals so that the results reflect only those votes we believe to be genuine votes from individuals. We have done this in the interest of fair play so that the competition is just that, a fair competition.

The results including GENUINE votes are as follows:

1. Darth Elvis - Winner

2. Ancorhead - Runner Up

Congratulations to our 2 winners who will be playing live in the final on the Celebrity stage on Saturday at 6:30pm with host Jay Laga'aia and a number of VIP judges.

Good luck to our two finalists on Saturday.



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