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Shared Gigs Anyone


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Hello there, im Steve from the Colour Proposal and we are in the situation where we want to gig but dont have 3 hours of material that venues such as the Malt Mill and local pubs want you to play for

Is there anyone interested or in the same boat that would like to be gigging more often without playing the support band??? We would split the fee and all earn some cash!!

We played a support gig at the office and the manager there offered us 220 to do a night there. So that would be 110 a band! Better than nothing!

We do original stuff and you can check us out on bebo here

The Colour Proposal <colourproposalband>

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Our band (Red Cortinas) were recently thinking the same thing.

We have a newish line up and our set list has gone down from 3 hours to about an hour and a quarter - hoping for 90 minutes worth in the near future.

We are a classic rock/punk covers band "of a certain age". Basically looking to play and have a laugh.

We have played with support bands before and always end up having a great night. Mind you, the support acts were so bad that the crowd were still booing them when we came on stage! Geddit?

I'll see the other guys at practise on Thursday. See what they think.

See us at redcortinas.piczo.com.

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Globe Open Mic

Well now that there is a big bunch of us that all want to do the same thing, why dont we all meet up and exchange numbers etc with everyone!

We go along to the globe most sunday nights to the open mic night and play a few our our tracks!

Wont be there this sunday as im away and next sunday is T in the park!

But why dont any interested parties go to the globe on sunday 15th of July! Man that seems like ages away! but hey its better than nothing!

Ideally we all share gigs with each other and get some money in our pockets!

I will reply to all of you that sent me a PM, but I cant use this site from work unless I use a specifc machine. So im might not reply unitl evening times!



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