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  1. I've tightened the springs on all my strats. The bridge has never budged. No problemo.
  2. David B

    Cymbals Wanted

    Memo to Milner I still have the Ride and Hats if you are interested.
  3. David B

    Cymbals Wanted

    My crashes have gone but I still have the Sabian Pro Sonix 20" ride and 14" hats. Deals to be done if you (or anyone in fact) take both off my hands.
  4. Crashes and China all sold. Ride, Hi Hats and 2 Splashes still for sale. Anyone interested?
  5. See my recent "cymbals for sale" thread (from last week) and let me know if anything interests you.
  6. These 2 cymbals have been sold - Paiste 802 18" crash/ride Paiste 502 18" china
  7. Bri and Triggs - thanks for your kind words. Taking the piss I think. And hijacking my cymbals thread. As you will have noticed at last nights practice, I was playing my "back to basics" set up ie. 4 piece kit and 2 cymbals. I will take out a few more for the Scooter Club Rally next week. For other viewers of the thread, including freddiesofspring, none of the cymbals are sold yet (hardly surprising as the thread only started yesterday). If it helps, I will be in Aberdeen city centre on Saturday morning (I live in Peterhead) before picking up my parents at the airport in the afternoon. I can easily meet up with anyone to view the cymbals in the morning. PS Not in any dark alleys where hood-clad, knife wielding, nutters will relieve me of my cymbals at a substantial discount. Perish the thought.
  8. I'm selling some of my cymbals. I have used them for practising only (my gigging cymbals are Avedis crashes and Paiste 2002 hats). These were bought new, never gigged and are in mint condition - Paiste 802 Plus - 18" crash/ride - 50 Paiste 802 Plus - 16" power ride - 50 Paiste 502 - 18" china - 30 These were used when I got them and are all in good condition - Sabian Pro Sonix - 20" ride - 50 Sabian Pro Sonix - 14" hi hats - 50 Paiste 502 - 12" splash - 10 Paiste 502 - 10" splash - 10 Finally, a well used Paiste 200 18" crash. A bit tatty but thick and solid - 20 All these cymbals are a step up from the cheapest beginners packs which are on sale. I only ever buy heavy and substantial cymbals for playing rock/punk/metal. These cymbals are solid and built to last. I am always open to sensible negotiation.
  9. David B

    Cymbals Wanted

    I'm looking through my cymbals at the moment. May be selling a few. Will put up a new "for sale" post when I decide what I no longer use.
  10. Scot Ads? Or an ad on the wall at the music shops or Captain Toms (assuming you are in Aberdeen). Good luck.
  11. I'm surprised that no-one wants it. I have a Premier Artist Birch (bought used from a friend) and it looks good, lovely build quality and sounds great at gigs. Pro piece of kit. Highly recommended.
  12. I think Aberdeen is on the up for live music. The gig guides are busier than I can ever remember in the past. BUT Ironworks at Inverness are getting lots of bands that are bypassing Aberdeen altogether. It is a good venue (I saw UFO up there a couple of years ago - large, enthusiastic audience) and I assume that they are trying hard to get acts which are too big for small venues but not big enough for AECC type venues. The Music Hall is a great "medium size" venue but as the only one in Aberdeen, and covering comedy, classical etc, it must be hard finding convenient slots for touring bands. I was saddened when the Capital closed many years ago. I was a great mid size venue. Just in excess of 2,000 seats, I think. Oops. First post for a while. I have made the mistake of not going off topic or dishing out abuse at someone who I don't agree with.
  13. Seller from Blairgowrie has a 30 watter on eBay.
  14. David B

    Thin Lizzy?

    They played most (but certainly not all) of Live and Dangerous. Superb show of guitar talent and with that back catalogue of songs it could hardly fail. Good crowd and all seemed to enjoy it. I've seen Lizzy twice before (with Phil) and this one was just as good. Good to hear Cold Sweat again. A real headbangin' rocker of a tune.
  15. You should have gone to see Thin Lizzy and Diamond Head instead.
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