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  1. Yeah, I know. That's why we love it!! Nice and noisy!! Nah, it was just if you were really struggling to find a band to play then I'd happily help out solo. But I'm hoping you'll find a band or two in time...I'm sure you will!! Keep jammin'
  2. If you're still really stuck I'd be up for it. However I have to warn you that I'm still solo at this time, but will happily stick to my upbeat/bouncier punk stuff...for most of it anyway...maybe throw in some old school Mongoose!! Lol. myspace.com/simonpatchettmusic
  3. Any chance you'd be up for...punk/rock solo singer/songwriter? myspace.com/simonpatchettmusic Anyway hope you're keeping well. Keep jammin' Simon
  4. Sorry are you refering to me here or someone else? Simon aka Patch
  5. Would you be willing to take on solo acts as well? If so let us know, I'd be more than happy to help/take part. Simon Patchett on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads By the way awesome choice taking on SoulCasino. I played with them once a while ago under their old name (I won't spoil the surprise!!) and both myself and my friends (some of whom are normally not so easily impressed by young bands) were totally blown away!! The singer in particular was pretty kick ass!!! Keep jammin' Simon
  6. In!!!! Good effort Dave getting him back again. I suggest Heller State as a band to support. And if you're really stuck I'd be more than happy to play as well (oh, and you don't need to pay me. Due to tax reasons I can only play gigs if I don't get paid. So a bigger cut for everyone else then!!). Think Mr K may enjoy my last song in my set!! Lol
  7. I think you should give Bad Bad Men a shot. They are awesome!! I played a gig with them in Glasgow a while back and recommended that they check your venue out. Sure they're a little different but would still rock out Moorings/Snafu any day of the week. Great bunch of characters too, Keep jammin' Simon
  8. May I recommend the band Heller State? Heller State on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Give them a shout on myspace. They're a punk band, who draw a reasonable sized crowd, good bunch of guys (I've supported them a few times since going solo) and their Bloodhound Gang/early Blink 182 inspired lyrics (possibly) will probably go down quite well with that of Kunt's. They have a song whose chorus goes "It's not the size of the ship...it's the motion of the ocean." Keep jammin' Simon
  9. 4 for all those bands? It's a deal, it's a steal...etc. Go on folks, you know this will be an ace night!
  10. Yay! I was in the same year/school with the lead singer from Serpico! Also support looks pretty good too!
  11. Try the Globe (Golden Square). They have a piano and I've seen it used at their open mics and the seem to have covers bands there a fair bit. Hope it goes well. If you need a guitarist/singer for backing/support act give us a shout:up: Excuse the self-plugging! Lol Keep jammin' Simon
  12. Line up includes kathy shanks , heather lamont , amanda cator , oliver smith , simon patchett. Doors 8pm, only 2! Keep jammin' Simon Simon Patchett (Singer/Songwriter) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  13. Thank you. If not that date I think any of the others would be fine. Hope you had a good night last night in Snafu Simon
  14. Hi there, Red Mongoose will probably be up for Monday 7th July at Snafu. Send us a P.M. or message on our myspace to confirm. Simon
  15. Red Mongoose may be interested. MySpace.com - Red Mongoose - Aberdeen, UK - Blues / Rock / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/redmongooseband Feel free to send me a PM Simon
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