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PVH album now only 5

luscious vicar

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Go to www.myspace.com/valentinebitch and you can buy the PVH album delivered for only 5. We are desperatelly trying to get enough money to release a 7" in time for the next tour so if you could buy a copy you'd make me very happy.

8 tracks for 5. Bargain.

here are some things that people have said

"Youve undoubtedly been subject to the elements comprising Aberdonian quartet Project: Venhell many times before, but never in this kind of blender. As erratic as a hyperactive chimp on crack, opener Pfft to Your Rules is a two fingered salute blurring blazing guitars with blood curdling howls and sporadic poppy undertones. This sets the scene for a snappy tornado-like debut, which, at just over 18 minutes long, is nearly over by the time the kettles boiled. Sonic Youth are over for a brew, as are Oxes, and The Fucking Champs brought the Jammie Dodgers, but lets not attempt any futile pigeonholing here. As vocalist Hines offers with his strangled vocal theyll think were just making this shit up as we go along, during Too Metal, theres a smirking self-awareness at play. Theyve not so much said Pfft to the rulebook as stolen our means to navigate it for a little while, and there's no harm in that at all." The Skinny SSSSS

"So this is what they get up to in Stonehaven?A nice middle-class seaside town is how I see the place, so Pfft To Your Rules is probably the height of youth rebellion. The album is full of tunes with good titles and since theyre instrumentals its maybe a shame as their lyrics might be worth a read. I say instrumentals - ok, on the 8 tracks here theres plenty of incomprehensible screaming, showing that these guys are disciples of The Rawk. Oddly then, theyre described as Noisy danceable punk rock. Yes, the Shellac and Oxes influences shine through, but but Johnny Rotten they aint. Danceable? Well give them that. Theyre angular certainly, but quite suitable for an evenings thrash around the moshpit. Noisy? Were agreed on that one, oh yes. Creepy Silence is a blast, featuring as it does visceral finger-shredding nerve-jangling guitar. However, Too Metal is perhaps the greatest misnomer here - with shades of Macrocosmica but with a decided pop bent... well, when its not grinding to a halt with (we presume) with the vocalist writing round in throes of agony. Fearsome, frightening, and occasionally fun." [DB]4/5 Is this music?

"I've never heard of Project: Venhell but I'm listening to new album 'Ifeelbackwhatthey'relookingatmefor" and its tremendous fun. I've just opened the inlay card of the CD and it just says 'Nothing.' It's Genius. If this lot ever give up music they could be art terrorists or comedians. Unfortunately I'm listening to this at home, the baby is asleep and the missus wants to watch Desperate Housewives in a minute so I'm not able to listen to the whole thing. From what I've heard the vocals are nicely distorted and there are some aggressive, speaker shredding riffs and tight arrangements on this here 8 tracker of uncompromising punk rock. Apparently they're from Aberdeen. They're well up for it this week these jocks like ;0) In conclusion: Music to wake the baby and piss off the missus. On Valentine Bitch Records" Norman Records

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I would buy it from ma simpsons through ease, but i dont trust chris to give you guys the money. Plus I don't have any access to paypal or internet transactions :down:

It says earlier in the thread that if you don't have access to paypal/whatever, you can email Gav @ valentine_bitch@warpmail.net , given that everyone concerned is in Stonehaven (give or take a few miles in the case of Gav and Rikki), it'd be easy peasy!

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