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skins party carnage


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dunno if this has already been posted about?

Scotsman.com News - UK - MySpace party: Girl, 17, arrested

MySpace party: Girl, 17, arrested

A 17-YEAR-OLD girl has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in connection with the MySpace house party which left a 230,000 family home trashed.

The girl has been questioned and released by police investigating an alleged 20,000 wrecking spree at the four- bedroom detached house.

Around 200 youngsters turned up at the house after the party was advertised on 17-year-old Rachael Bell's MySpace website.

The sixth-form student has since claimed a hacker altered the invitation to attract hundreds of young revellers to the family home in Woodstone Village, in County Durham.

The party-goers caused mayhem during a wrecking spree in which seven police cars and a dog unit were called to the quiet cul-de-sac.

During the bedlam, Rachael said she had a panic attack and unwanted revellers were climbing through windows to gatecrash the out-of-control party.

Still too ashamed to face her parents, Rachael said: "I totally regret it. The party wasn't supposed to start until 10 o'clock, but at half nine we saw people pulling up in cars.

"We didn't recognise them and didn't know what was going on so we bolted the door - but they just started climbing through the window."

Her distraught mother, Elaine, yesterday said her life had been turned upside-down and she wants whoever ransacked her house to be prosecuted. The 48-year-old said it felt as if her "house had been raped".

The party appeared on Rachael's website labelled "Easter Monday Bash Skins Unofficial Party" - a reference to the controversial Channel 4 series which featured scenes where a teenage get-together got out of hand.

It was subtitled "Let's trash the average family-sized house disco party".

A police spokesman last night confirmed that a 17-year-old girl had been arrested in connection with the incident and had been bailed after questioning.

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Funny that the papers bigging-up the Myspace angle most strongly also belong to the Murdoch empire. Without it, I doubt this story/promotional excercise, that puts a modern twist on the dreaded "party-wreckers" stories that tend to circulate amongst scared parents, this would not be any sort of interest at all IMO.

Also, any sympathy I might have had for the parents position evaporated when I read they had been on a carravanning holiday. I've too many experiences of twat carravaners to see this as anything other than a little bit of karma payback for all the disruption/bad driving that their kind have inflicted on our roads!

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