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  1. Aye, thanks for that. /emo tears
  2. Swine flu...seriously haven't felt this ill in a long time.
  3. I have to agree with Preid. I had an iPhone and changed to an Android phone, the HTC Desire. I personally like it much more than the iPhone. I would definitely recommend one!
  4. Why some stupid drunk bitch thinks that 2.30am is a good time to stand in the street behind my house and scream, shout and cry until the police eventually come take her away.
  5. Has she tried applying for some of the NHS administration jobs? I know there's quite a few being advertised at the moment. Mainly ward receptionist jobs, it's a start at least. Also, my work is about to start looking for a receptionist. The wages won't be great but it's something. You can e-mail me her CV and I'll pass it on.
  6. I've got an 8GB 3rd Gen iPod Nano for sale. It's been used, so the back panel is a bit scratched. The iPod is metalic blue and I'll throw in a Nike iPod Sport for free. It's the thing for counting how far you've walked/ran. Pics available if required. Sensible offers please?
  7. I had this for a while. It's fine to start with but then the boxes get very repetitive and boring. Good way of getting some fruit into your diet though.
  8. There's also the lane closure on Queen Elizabeth Bridge and road works in and around the Torry area. It's a nightmare.
  9. Yeah, that was me and my other half. Good stalk, didn't even see you.
  10. Prime Stalk Who: Fast Caz When: Friday 25th @ 5.30pm-ish Where: Walking along Union Street, just past Crown Street.
  11. This item is now sold. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm always dubious about these kind of sites. Rather just try and sell it.
  13. It's the one before the last most recent one. The last one was the 3GS, this one is just the 3G.
  14. I'm selling my 8GB iPhone 3G due to having bought a new phone. It is on the O2 network but there's plenty of places that will be able to unlock it if necessary. It will come complete with a box, the plug, cable, etc. I will be able to post it but it will be available for collection as well. In good condition but there are a few slight scratches on the back. I have applied a screen protector to the front, which is not noticeable. If you are interested, I can provide pictures. This should hopefully be going up on e-bay tomorrow. Sensible offers please. These go for at least 100 on e-bay. Cheers.
  15. My work sponsors Lee McAllister and plus the Managing Director is friends with the McAllister family. So have to put up with Lee coming into my work sometimes. He's a knob.
  16. I use Ashgrove Veterinary Centre on Belmont Road, which is just round the corner from Berryden. They are really good, never have to wait long for an appointment.
  17. True. TPBM wishes they weren't stuck at work today.
  18. The gypsies have been moved along, they are now in the fields next to the sky scrapers across the road from Lidl. So hopefully the foxes and what-not will be back next to Lidl again.
  19. False. TPBM has the hangover from hell today.
  20. I use Barclays for my own account and I've never had any hassle with them. The also don't pester you to take fancy accounts and such like. Also, the staff in the Union Street banch are really helpful. For the joint account we're with Lloyds TSB, don't have any real issues with them but they are very much into getting you into the branch to try and sell you stuff. They seem to pester my other half on a regular basis.
  21. I was thinking the same thing, employee or owner. Seeing as they've advertised in the other thread as well.
  22. How about bowling at the beach followed by something to eat?
  23. Gwyneth Broomhill-Collings
  24. Yeah that's fine. Anytime after 4.30pm will be fine. These wardrobes are pretty heavy, so you might want to take someone with you to help with lifting! I'll PM you my address and mobile number.
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