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Stalker - Shadow Of Chernobyl

Fast Caz

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Has anyone else bought this game and thought it is one the best first person shooters to ever come out for the pc ?

I mean from my point of view it combines all the best parts of Half Life 1-2 , Doom ,Quake and the likes.

I've also found that everytime you die in a certain point in the game the A.I is getting better ( Not unless this is due to repetitive playing and lack of sleep beacause of ).

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It had the horrific honour of coming out on the same day as Silent Hunter IV, which is my first love.

That said, it is a very atmospheric game, particularly if you're sitting in the dark with headphones on cwm36be1.gif. It's not a Half-Life beater, though it may come up to par with the sequel - it's always going to suffer heavily from the hype generated from when it was announced. That said, there's lot's about it I like, I just need to explore it more :D

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Like one of the guys said - no "Half-Life" beater and "Deus Ex it ain't.

Buggy as fuck too.

Atmospheric though, with a well-conceived playing environment, but a little to easy.

If you guys haven't played Deus Ex before, then try and get a hold of it. It's the daddy of sci-fi shooters with a fantastic story line and a great game engine - even after more than 6 years.

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Each to his/her own I guess.

It is a slow starter, but if you have a decent spec PC the later levels are fantastic, especially Area 51.

currently running an amd dual core 4200 with 2 gig ddr, audigy 2, geoforce 7800 :O

was really looking forward to this but couldnt find enough variation to keep me interested and i did try to give the game a chance as i got to the part with the military and the huge monsters!

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Aint played it but the other tester guy from my work took a day off work when it was released to play it.

Came back after the weekend and said it was shite.

I think it's been a disappointment, apart from a decent sized game environment and some nice atmospheric touches.

There's nothing new on offer and the supposed "improved NPC AI" doesn't add anything to the mix.

I guess it was in development for so long that when it finally got released, it was already out of date.

Wasn't like that back in my development days...hrumph, hrumph...we got things out on time and within budget! These youngster nowadays...etc...

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