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Andy Mulhern

I Was A Cub Scout + Edgar Prais + Fiction:Action + Flaming Katy @ Tunnels, Sat17March

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RFR Presents:

I Was A Cub Scout



Edgar Prais - www.myspace.com/edgarprais

Fiction:Action - www.myspace.com/fictionaction

Flaming Katy - www.myspace.com/flamingkaty

The Tunnels - Tickets 6 - Doors 7:30pm

Should be a good night!

Notr seen F:A full band before and the word has it that IWACS are great live.


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if you missed it:

Flaming Katy - brilliant live act

Fiction:Action - nae my scene but tight and exciting

Edgar Prais - best band of the night

i was a cub scout - really really boring - rubbish.

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yeahmin i was mightily impressed with how much better Flaming Katy are these days. They've gone from 'nae bad' to 'damn fine tasty' recently.

IWACS are rad though. Having done all the Scottish dates with them, I can safely say that they are as tight as a nun's clunge. Lovely chaps, too. Maybe last night was just a blip on their part. Though I enjoyed it, even if Stewcat didnae

love from christy

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Nice one :up:

It was a good night all round and I thought all the local bands kicked ass. Couldn't really make out the lyrics for F/A (don't know if it was the same for FK but Edgar Prais were coming through clearer - could be in the delivery rather than sound engineering?) which was a bit disappointing but they were tight and clever with their composition. Edgar Prais were lively to say the least! A good fun performance which is great to watch. "Tight as a nun's cludge" also...

"cludge", I like it.

I wasn't really that keen on IWACS. Did absolutely nothing for me but then I was also pretty pished by that point and couldn't tell you much about them other than the fact that there was 2 of them and the T-shirts on their stall were pretty cool. I remember thinking "this is boring" and going for a smoke. Seemed to be plenty of folks digging it so probably more a matter of what floats your boat. I generally like bands with bass players and songs! Maybe I'm old fashioned.....

The lager and banter were top notch. I still feel like shit.

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