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Happy birthday Angel of Death.


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Cheers guys :)

may you get as wrecked as i was the night my ankle went "snap"

Band practice tonight' date=' so na! That's for tomorrow night!

What actually happened to the ankle then? ?(

Wahey James is 19! Try not do in your ankle so many times this year!

Don't skate anymore man! No more of that ligament butchering for me! Although, those RGUnion stairs were horrific that week when I took a dive down them! Haha!

19? - that's siginificant enough to warrant another major purchase' date=' surely[/quote']

Don't! The Hanneman arrived on Wednesday! This is the first time (in a LONG time o_O ) that I'm completely satisfied with my setup. Now it's all 'want' rather than me managing to tell myself that I 'need'!!

Saying that though, some nice car parts are on the way! Golf R32 rear light clusters arrived today so... :up:

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