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required. for a LOUD band interested in destroying venues/spaces up and down the UK and afar. Knowledge of noise/math scene would be useful and an interest in ripping off bands like....lightning bolt, noxagt, sonic youth, paper cut out, circle takes the square, murder rosa..., SWANS, shellac, city of caterpillar, faraquet

1 drummer - should be able to play complex time signatures, hit things with a fair bit of force

1 guitar player - no widdlers please. please have nice gear. im sick of hearing wishy washy high end on solid state amps. good valve amp would be nice (or willingness to purchase)


this band will have own van (and access in the meantime) and will be playing quite a lot of outta town shows and putting on bands up here. it will probably cost you money, but it will be a laugh and you will meet some brilliant people from all over

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