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Anyone heard this album by the Easy All stars? (people behind "Dub Side of the moon")?

Pretty cool idea..the whole album OK Computer done in a reggae style...adds something to a lot of the songs...but may be sacrilege for some...check the sampler...


If you're interested in hearing some of dub side of the moon


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that radiodread thing is fucking terrible. it made me feel physically ill when i heard Airbag. how someone who is a fan of radiohead could do that to those songs is beyond me!

Do what to them? The songs basically remain the same...Paranoid Android is treated to a great female vocal, with the middle section done on brass in a jamacain way...sounds 'effin spiffing! :D

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I think both Dub Side of the Moon and Radiodread have their moments. These were 2 classic albums, do you really expect them to surpass or come close to the originals??? A lot of work from some great artists has gone into these albums. The Toots Let Down is indeed excellent, as Mr Yorke himself has stated its his favourite. P Android is a grower and i think most of the other ones are good too. The singing lass it touring with them i think. A few stinkers but when you remake an album in a different genre that gonna happen isnt it? The guys that are touring are actually just on the record label and some were not involved in the making of the album. They have been assembled by the label to tour the songs. Dub Side of the Moon is pretty good i think. I'll be there at Drummonds and i hope it will be a good turnout. Tix are 12 though!

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